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Matrimonial Services in Delhi

Marriages are made in Heaven, and we, Imperial Wedding, create paradise for two soul mates through our impeccable matrimonial services in Delhi. A marriage is not only an auspicious bond between two hearts, but blending of tastes and likings of two families. As one of the reputable matrimonial agencies in Delhi, we deliver the best matchmaking services for the Aggarwal, Baniya, Punjabi, Jain, and Marwari communities, without any compromise. Many clients already consider us the best marriage bureau in Delhi.

A beautiful marriage reflects the culture, tradition and heritage of prospective bride and groom, and as one of the most admired marriage bureau in Delhi, we maintain the grand elements of the event. It is all about a gala celebration and we are expert in creating the perfect vibes.

Our Matrimonial Service Packages

Director's Desk !

Mrs. Vidya Gupta, Founder and Director of Imperial Weddings brings not only 25 years of match-making and relationship counselling experience, but her 25 years of contribution in the field of public relation has excelled her skills in understanding what are the expectations of families and prospective brides and groom from their future life partner.

Mrs. Vidya Gupta, understands that the world is changing & so are our expectations from life. Today, we are more demanding & less patient hence finding the right match becomes all the more important than ever. We not only need someone that matches our status, caste & culture, but who perfectly complements our life style, taste, aspiration, intellect & core values. A match where we need to make least adjustments.

She also believes that a strong marriage is built on pillars of compatibility, commitment, communication, compromise, love, trust, respect & understanding. Mrs. Vidya  does not believe in working on profiles conveyed on piece of paper but believes in understanding personalities, their childhood, family background, life experiences & their expectations from the new member in their family.

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Elite Rishtey Matrimony is a comprehensive and highly personalized matchmaking service that offers a range of unique and specialized services to help clients build successful and fulfilling relationships.




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