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THE "US" OF Elite Rishtey!

Welcome to the Elite Rishtey Company, where finding a perfect match for you is our top priority. Our company was founded with the belief that everyone deserves to find love and companionship, regardless of their background, age, or personal circumstances. We are passionate about helping individuals find the right partner, and we believe that with our expert guidance, anyone can find their soulmate.
Our team consists of senior experienced matchmakers, who are dedicated to providing a personalized and comprehensive approach to matchmaking. We understand that every client is unique, with their own set of preferences and expectations, and we take the time to get to know each and every one of our clients on a personal level. This allows us to provide tailored matchmaking services that are designed to meet their specific needs and increase their chances of finding a compatible partner.

Director's Desk

Mrs. Vidya started Marriage Business three decades back in Delhi. She is a postgraduate in Psychology and sociology. Belonging to a Defence background she has traveled extensively understanding marriages in different cultures. She enjoys interacting with people creating everlasting relations.

Mrs. Vidya Gupta
Founder Premium Matrimony

At Elite Rishtey, we believe in using the latest technology and innovative strategies to create successful matches. We offer personalized matchmaking services, where one of our expert matchmakers will work with you directly to find your ideal match. We are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for our clients, and we prioritize privacy and confidentiality at every step of the matchmaking process.

Thank you for considering us as your partner in finding love and companionship. We look forward to working with you and helping you find the happiness and fulfillment that you deserve.

Elite Rishtey Matrimony is a comprehensive and highly personalized matchmaking service that offers a range of unique and specialized services to help clients build successful and fulfilling relationships.




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